About Threat Intelligence

In the current threat environment, it is no longer sufficient to manage risk in a static manner to ensure the reputation and financial stability of your business. This is where Threat Intelligence can help.

Threat Intelligence Pty Ltd was founded by Ty Miller who is one of the few information security leaders in Australia. This is backed up by his vast number of achievements and experience over the past decade. View his BIO for a more detailed history of Ty Miller.

During this time Ty Miller was key in growing a very successful penetration testing company in Australia as the CTO, leading and training their specialist security team, and building a brand that is well respected in the IT Security industry.

Threat Intelligence is using this experience, specialist skills and knowledge, to not only take information security to the next level, but to actually create the next era of risk management and penetration testing.

Threat Intelligence gets invited to the most prestigious security conferences in the world to run advanced security training and present their cutting edge security developments, including both Black Hat USA and Ruxcon. Ty Miller also coauthored the highly popular and well regarded security book "Hacking Exposed Linux 3rd Edition".

Ty Miller also gets engaged as a feature presenter and blogger on behalf of vendors and organisations for conferences and product launches on a range of relevant information security topics. If you are interested in a feature presentation or blog by Ty Miller, then contact Threat Intelligence for details.

If you would like to find out more about how Threat Intelligence can help you, or if you simply want advice, contact Threat Intelligence now.