Incident Response - Security Breach Investigation and Support
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There has been a dramatic increase in security breaches in recent years, and it is important to manage the "Incident Response Process" properly if you have suffered a security breach.

By managing a security breach properly, you ensure that all evidence is collected, and speed up the time to recover to get your systems and business back online. If your security breach is not managed by experts, it is likely that evidence will be destroyed, which prevents analysis from being completed resulting in systems being offline for longer and a larger financial impact on your business.

The faster a security breach is identified and managed, the lesser the impact a business suffers

Continued advances in hacking tools and techniques, changes in security practices due to advances of technology such as smartphones and tablets, the push to move systems to the cloud to reduce costs, which introduces security concerns around the data of the systems stored in the cloud, and the adoption of these technologies into corporate networks, all have played a part in IT security becoming a priority for both individuals and corporates.

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